Turf Varieties

Walkers Turf Supplies offer a number of quality turf varieties to choose from.

We supply AussiBlue Couch, Zoysia, Soft Leaf Buffalo, Sir Walter Buffalo and Wintergreen Couch.

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AussiBlue Couch

AussiBlue is a soft textured, medium to fine leaf couch with a blue green colour that has superior wear, weed suppression and disease resistance.

It thrives in sub-tropical conditions but is not suitable for shaded areas. AussiBlue when not watered will brown off and lay dormant and then recover quickly following watering or rainfall.

Sir Walter Buffalo

Sir Walter is a soft leaf buffalo variety that was developed for Australian conditions.  It is ideal for full sun or partly shaded areas only requiring 2-3 hours of sunlight per day.  It is soft to touch and low allergenic.  Sir Walter is ideal for young children and pets to play on and has excellent self rejuvenating qualities.


Zoysia has an eye catching dark green colour, medium leaf blade and will grow in sandy and clay soils. It thrives in hot humid conditions and has a deep root system which sustains the grass through periods of drought.

Zoysia has good resistance to insects (especially lawn grub) and diseases and is good at out competing weeds. This grass requires minimal maintenance and mowing and is very water efficient.

Soft Leaf Buffalo

Soft Leaf Buffalo grass has a very broad soft, emerald coloured leaf.

It performs well in full sun, yet thrives in shaded areas requiring 2 to 4 hours or direct sunlight.

No grass can survive in extreme shade but Soft Leaf Buffalo is the best choice to make for shady areas. Soft Leaf Buffalo has the best winter active growth, so it is less likely to drop out in shaded areas in winter. It also has outstanding winter colour retention.

Soft Leaf Buffalo is also low allergenic due to less seed heads. Unlike some other rapidly upward growing Buffalos, Soft Leaf Buffalo requires less mowing. Although Soft Leaf Buffalo grows across the ground at a fast rate, providing excellent recovery from wear, its upward leaf growth is less than most other Buffalo varieties.

Wintergreen Couch

Wintergreen is a hybrid couch, rich bright green in colour, with a fine soft leaf texture.

Due to its fine leaf Wintergreen is best suited for a full sun position. It adapts readily to a wide range of soils and conditions and has a high drought tolerance. It has excellent recovery capabilities making it ideal for areas that receive high traffic and heavy wear.

It is suitable for home yards, commercial sites and playing fields. Wintergreen has a tendency to thatch and in Spring will require mowing very low to remove this but with fertilising will recover very quickly.

Wintergreen is a budget priced very versatile grass and can be used to produce a beautiful looking manicured lawn or to just cover up the dirt.

Zoysia Paddock

Sir Walter Buffalo Paddock

Harvesting Wintergreen Couch